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Hurlingham’s David Potter Demands Feeder 1 Repair Update From City Power



Frustrated Councillor David Potter of Ward 102 in Hurlingham is demanding answers from City Power regarding the repair of the Hurlingham feeder 1 power supply.

Potter stated that he had written to City Power about the feeder in November 2022 but has not received a response.

“I want City Power to explain why it has taken them such a long time to repair the feeder and why they fail to communicate with residents about its condition,” he expressed.

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Potter further revealed that feeder 2 had recently tripped, leaving residents without electricity, and since repairs had not been carried out on feeder 1, it couldn’t kick in as a backup.


When questioned by The Sandton Chronicle about the lengthy repair time and potential material and funding shortages, City Power’s spokesperson, Isaac Mangena, attributed the delays and power outages to a shortage of transformer oil, which prevented the night shift team from completing the work.

Mangena explained that they were in the process of procuring materials to fix a faulty cable on feeder 1 and that repairs would commence once the material order was finalised.

He highlighted the challenges faced by City Power in sourcing materials for repairs, stating, “It is worth noting that in recent weeks, City Power has communicated the increasing difficulty in sourcing materials needed for repairs. The depletion of materials occurs faster than our procurement process, resulting in prolonged power outages as our team struggles to repair and restore power in some cases.”

Mangena assured that they were in constant communication with their suppliers and receiving daily deliveries of various stock materials required for repairs.

Regarding the duration of the repair, Mangena stated that it depended on the extent of the fault and emphasised the need to identify all the issues before confirming a completion date.


“We cannot predict when future faults will occur in our infrastructure, partly due to its ageing condition. Load shedding is also a significant factor that negatively impacts our infrastructure,” he added.

Source: City Power answers to Hurlingham feeder 1 power-supply repairs

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Photo: Facebook / @David Potter

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