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Over 60 EFF members reportedly joined the ANC – What’s happening with SA’s political climate?



More than 60 EFF members joined the ANC

In a significant turn of events, the ANC in the JTG Region of the Northern Cape witnessed a noteworthy development on May 20, 2023. According to Opera News, more than 60 EFF members joined the ANC, marking a substantial shift in party affiliation.

The ANC has made remarkable gains in reclaiming the support of the people, with recent occurrences of members from opposition parties gravitating towards the ruling party. Just a few days ago, the President of the Republic of South Africa welcomed many members from the Democratic Alliance in the KwaZulu-Natal Province, further strengthening the ANC’s growing influence.

However, scepticism persists among some citizens who question the authenticity of these party transitions. As a result, there have been doubts about the credibility of reports indicating that people are genuinely joining the African National Congress from opposition parties.

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In response to these changes, comments from the public reflect a mix of curiosity and concerns. Some wonder about the potential rewards or incentives awaiting those who make such shifts, suggesting that lucrative deployments may be a motivating factor. Others express scepticism about the intentions, such as distributing EFF South Africa T-shirts to the underprivileged. They caution against using vulnerable individuals for political gains and highlight the need to prioritise the welfare of the people over the interests of corrupt and callous politicians.


These comments highlight the ongoing political dynamics discussion and raise important questions about transparency, integrity, and the motivations behind these political realignments. So it remains crucial for political parties and their members to address these concerns and maintain a commitment to serving the nation’s and its citizens’ best interests.

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