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Ivory Park Resident Receives Life Sentence for Rape and Kidnapping



Ivory Park Resident Receives Life Sentence for Rape and Kidnapping

Sello Moloto has been sentenced to life imprisonment by the Tembisa Magistrate’s Court for the heinous crimes of rape and kidnapping. The court delivered its verdict on October 30, marking a crucial milestone in the pursuit of justice and community safety.

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The traumatic incident transpired on February 19, 2021, in Ivory Park Ext 11. Following an evening spent at a local tavern with friends, the victim, accompanied by a male acquaintance, faced a horrifying attack as they walked home. The male companion forcibly led the victim to RDP houses, where Sello Moloto, later identified as the assailant, subjected her to a brutal assault.

During this nightmarish ordeal, Moloto strangled the victim, used a shoelace to further restrain her, and engaged in a prolonged act of rape. The victim’s pleas for help were met with violence, and it wasn’t until the morning that she managed to escape with the assistance of individuals at a nearby car wash.

Sergeant Sepakela of the Tembisa Family Violence and Child Protection Service Unit apprehended Moloto on March 6, 2021. Sergeant Livhuani Mphaho spearheaded the investigation leading to the conviction.


Major General Anna Sithole, Ekurhuleni district commissioner, praised the dedication of Sergeant Mphaho, underscoring the commitment to ensuring justice for the victim and safeguarding the community. The life imprisonment sentence is a significant step towards holding perpetrators accountable for their actions and reinforcing the pursuit of a safer environment for all.

Source: Ivory Park man gets life in prison following rape and kidnapping

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