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Joburg mayor declares full recovery following illness



Johannesburg mayor is fully recovered

The Johannesburg mayor is fully recovered. Kabelo Gwamanda is back at the office following a bout of illness. Jacaranda FM reports that Gwamanda fell ill last week during the State of the City debate in council and had to be rushed to the hospital. Still, Gwamanda said on Tuesday that he is ready to fulfil his “fiduciary duties” ahead of the city’s budget to be tabled by Finance MMC Dada Morero.

Last week was not the first time Gwamanda’s health had worsened, forcing him to miss important council meetings. Since he was elected mayor in May, Gwamanda missed several IDP meetings and in-council and media engagements due to illness. This performance led to a reprimand from Council Speaker Colleen Makhubele.

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However, Gwamanda’s recent announcement of his full recovery brings a sense of relief to the mayor himself and the residents of Johannesburg. Returning to the office, he aims to resume his responsibilities and contribute to the city’s governance and decision-making processes.



The mayor’s absence due to health concerns had raised questions and uncertainties about his ability to lead effectively. The reassurance of his recovery and readiness to fulfil his fiduciary duties signals a renewed sense of stability and continuity in Johannesburg’s governance.

As the city prepares to table its budget, Gwamanda’s presence and involvement are crucial in ensuring the smooth execution of financial plans and addressing the community’s needs. With the support of his colleagues and determination to overcome health challenges, Gwamanda is determined to lead the city forward and positively impact the lives of Johannesburg residents.

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