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Water woes continue in Yeoville: Joburg Water ramps up efforts with more tankers to alleviate the crisis!



Joburg Water deploys more tankers to Yeoville as outage persists

Since Wednesday, residents in Yeoville and surrounding areas have been without water due to a breakdown of the town reservoir’s pump station. According to Eyewitness News, Joburg Water has dispatched ten more water tankers to Yeoville to assist the residents grappling with water outages. However, the community has expressed frustration over the location of the water tankers.

To address the residents’ concerns, Joburg Water has deployed more tankers to various locations, and they are being refilled at closer filling stations to improve the turnaround time. Although Joburg Water has not given any specific timeframe for repairing the reservoir, they have apologised to residents for the inconvenience caused.

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Picture: Twitter / JHBWater

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