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City of Johannesburg to recruit 2,000 crime-prevention wardens – announces Gwamanda



joburg will recruit crime prevention wardens

Joburg will recruit crime prevention wardens. Eyewitness News reported that Kabelo Gwamanda made this significant announcement on Tuesday, revealing plans to recruit approximately 2,000 individuals in the city.

This recruitment drive is separate from a similar program recently announced by the Gauteng provincial government, emphasising the city’s commitment to tackling crime head-on.

Mayor Gwamanda highlighted this initiative during his inaugural State of the City Address before the City of Joburg council, recognising the urgent need for action following the release of the latest crime statistics, which revealed Joburg as one of the most unsafe places to live in.

The newly recruited crime prevention wardens will specifically target areas plagued by violent crimes, such as Westbury and Eldorado Park. They will collaborate with law enforcement agencies, local communities, and other stakeholders to bolster crime prevention efforts, enhance community policing, and ensure the overall safety and security of the city.

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According to Joburg Public Safety MMC Mgcini Tshwaku, the wardens have already undergone training conducted by the Johannesburg Metro Police Department. However, they will receive additional training to equip them further to handle various situations effectively.

While the announcement has received some scepticism from opposition parties, who argue that the provincial government is already deploying wardens, Mayor Gwamanda emphasised the city’s commitment to addressing crime within its jurisdiction.

The recruitment and deployment of crime-prevention wardens in Joburg is a significant step toward creating safer communities and instilling a sense of security among residents. By augmenting existing law enforcement efforts and fostering collaborative partnerships, the city aims to tackle crime more effectively and improve the quality of life for all Joburg residents.

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