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Water pressure issue resolved at Helen Joseph Hospital



water supply at Helen Joseph Hospital

The water supply at Helen Joseph Hospital has significantly improved after the Johannesburg facility experienced low water pressure since the weekend, causing disruptions in the emergency department, intensive care unit, and some wards.

According to the provincial government and Johannesburg Water, the water level at the hospital reservoir had reached 80% by Tuesday afternoon. The water utility expected it to achieve 100% overnight, indicating a significant improvement in the water supply.

TimesLIVE reports that Efforts to resolve the issue were successful after technicians from the Department of infrastructure development, Johannesburg Water, and the hospital’s facility management unit identified the cause of the low water pressure. They determined that an open valve within the hospital’s ring feed must be closed as it created negative pressure, hindering water flow into the hospital network. As soon as the main valve was closed, the water pressure increased immediately.

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To ensure the situation remains stable, a truck from Johannesburg Water will continue to be stationed on-site as a preventive measure. At the same time, the water utility will closely monitor the water supply.


Resolving the water pressure issue at Helen Joseph Hospital has relieved medical staff and patients who depend on an uninterrupted water supply for essential healthcare services. The hospital can now operate at total capacity without any further disruptions, allowing for the efficient delivery of medical care.

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