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Johannesburg Court Rejects Wife’s R95K Maintenance Demand



The South Gauteng High Court has rejected the exorbitant maintenance claim of a Johannesburg wife who sought monthly spousal support of R95,000. The wife, who initiated divorce proceedings, argued that she needed a substantial amount to sustain her lavish lifestyle with her former husband. However, Acting Judge E. Mokoena advised her to adjust her expenses to a level she could afford independently.

During the proceedings, the wife provided a detailed account of their opulent lifestyle, which included frequent luxurious vacations, business class flights, stays at five-star hotels, shopping sprees at high-end fashion stores like Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana, and dining at upscale restaurants. She also claimed to own a luxury Land Rover Velar and exclusively shopped for groceries at Woolworths.

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Furthermore, she disclosed spending R20,000 each month on beauty treatments. Additionally, the woman stated that she earned R140,000 annually through breeding French bulldogs and generated a monthly income of R10,000 from renting out one of her properties.

In response, the husband contended that he was never the primary provider for his wife. He argued that she came from a wealthy background, had a significant income of her own, and her expenses could easily be covered by her earnings and her new partner with whom she resides.


Ultimately, the court sided with the husband, dismissing the wife’s maintenance claim. However, it ordered the husband to pay R10,000 per month for their child’s maintenance.

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Photo by Sora Shimazaki

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