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You Won’t Believe the Amount Revealed by Johannesburg Transport Official to Fix Troublesome Roads



City of Johannesburg needs R37 billion to fix the Metro's pothole-riddled roads

Johannesburg’s MMC for Transport, Kenny Kunene, held a media briefing where he candidly discussed the state of the city’s road infrastructure. According to Briefly SA News Today, he revealed that the City of Johannesburg needs R37 billion to fix the Metro’s pothole-riddled roads, which the city does not currently possess. Therefore, Kunene plans to approach the National Treasury to request additional funds to address the issue.

After the briefing, he stated that the problem extends beyond potholes and includes the entire road infrastructure and structural deficiencies. Kunene also addressed the criticism he faced following his appointment as MMC, stating that Johannesburg residents should be grateful that he is taking on the responsibility of service delivery.

Despite some citizens questioning the R37 billion estimate and how the city would spend it, others support Kunene and praise him for his efforts.

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Image by Jacob Ode from Pixabay

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