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Johannesburg Pride: Devotion to the Queer Community Who Can’t March for Themselves – Organisers



Johannesburg Pride honours Ugandan queer community

Dedicated to those members of the queer community who can’t march for themselves, particularly in Uganda, Johannesburg Pride organisers have expressed their commitment to ensuring the 2023 march sends a powerful message.

According to EWN, the annual Johannesburg Pride event will occur tomorrow at the Wanderers Stadium in Sandton. It will celebrate the rich diversity of the queer community.

There was global condemnation earlier this year after a law making same-sex relationships a crime was passed in Uganda. This law highlights the ongoing struggle for LGBTQ+ rights worldwide.

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Chairperson of Johannesburg Pride, Kay Ally, emphasised the importance of events like Pride in creating an inclusive society, particularly in places where these rights are not recognised.


Moreover, Ally underlined the event’s inclusive nature by confirming that it is open to anyone who wishes to attend, with no entrance fee.

“Pride is a no barrier to entry event, which means we have no entrance fee. We are wanting the LGBTI community and everyone that supports us to come celebrate the rich tapestry of South Africa’s diverse community with us tomorrow.”

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