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Gauteng MEC Introduces Specialised School in Tshepisong



Gauteng MEC Introduces Specialised School in Tshepisong

Local high school students are eagerly embracing a new educational initiative launched at their school. The recently inaugurated Mathematics, Science, and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) School of Specialisation (SOS) program commenced on October 12 at Raymond Mhlaba Secondary School in Tshepisong.

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Gauteng’s MEC for Education, Matome Chiloane, officially introduced this initiative with a strong emphasis on the mining sector. Raymond Mhlaba SOS, specialising in mining, is the 29th school of its kind in the region, designed to empower students to explore diverse career opportunities within the mining industry.

The school has already established itself as a model of excellence in the fields of Mathematics, Science, and ICT, offering a curriculum tailored to the specific needs of the mining sector. The initiative received a warm welcome from the entities involved. Principal Angie Mokiti expressed that the goal is to encourage students to specialise and familiarise themselves with the mining industry, enabling them to explore potential careers in this sector.

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According to the Gauteng Department of Education, transforming the school into a specialised institution will substantially increase the number of students studying mathematics and physical sciences, which are typically the most challenging subjects in the curriculum. This will also involve students taking admission tests to ensure their academic competitiveness.

Students were actively engaged in the launch of the SOS initiative, with some presenting mining-related projects. The school’s staff celebrated this milestone, and students conveyed their excitement about the program’s potential to fuel their passion for mathematics and science, explore engineering careers, and provide opportunities for self-expression through activities like role-playing illegal mining.

Source: Gauteng MEC launches school of specialisation in Tshepisong

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