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Johannesburg’s 8th Mayor in 7 Years to be Elected



On Friday, Johannesburg will elect its eighth mayor since 2016, following the collapse of Tuesday’s mayoral election due to poor preparation from the ANC coalition.

Disagreements over the preferred candidate caused disarray within the ANC, with some councillors threatening to boycott or resign if an Al-Jama-ah candidate was chosen as reported by IOL.

The ANC’s differing views from national, provincial, and regional structures regarding coalitions resulted in a high-level meeting to resolve disagreements over the mayoral candidate.

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As a result, three candidates from minority parties aligned to the ANC have nominated themselves for the position.


The DA has opened talks with other parties to address the instability of the city. Regardless of the outcome, the new mayor will need to unite all coalition partners behind one vision and put aside political differences.

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Photo by Frederic Köberl on Unsplash

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