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Malema Calls for Springboks to Fall Despite World Cup Victory



Julius Malema says springboks must fall

At the Gauteng EFF Provincial Ground Forum in Johannesburg on Sunday, Julius Malema, the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), made a controversial call for the end of the Springboks, South Africa’s national rugby team, asserting that it embodies white supremacy at the highest level.

Speaking boldly, Malema proclaimed, “Amabokoboko, Die Bokke, Springboks is an apartheid symbol. Springbok must fall,” expressing his disapproval of the team due to its colours and emblem, which he believes reflect the country’s painful Apartheid history.


He further clarified, “I don’t support Springboks. I don’t support the emblem and the apartheid colors that the National Team wears. We want the colors that represent democracy.”


Malema highlighted that his stance was not against rugby as a sport but rather a critique of the symbolism associated with the Springboks. He argued that rugby was not inherently a white man’s sport, highlighting its long history among South Africans in various regions.

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The EFF leader also called for a transformation of the national team, suggesting the adoption of a new name, colours, and emblem that align with the country’s democratic principles rather than what he perceives as “white supremacy.”

Malema raised concerns about the Springboks’ visit to a private farm belonging to “Afrikaner President” Johann Rupert during a trophy tour in the Western Cape. He distanced himself from such actions, stating his preference for supporting Bafana Bafana until the EFF came to power and brought about a change in the national sports landscape.

“I am not going to support anything that represents white supremacy, apartheid, and everything that undermined black people,” Malema declared, expressing his commitment to align with Bafana Bafana and address the issues of support and sponsorship that have impacted their performance, especially when compared to well-supported “white” teams.


Source: Springboks must fall says Malema despite World Cup victory

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Picture: X / EFFSouthAfrica

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