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Kasi Friend’s TikTok Prank in Pretoria Suburbs Amuses South Africa, as He Playfully Pranks Kids on His Walk



kasi friend in Pretoria entertains SA

A video depicting a hilarious encounter between a kasi friend and two young girls has taken the internet by storm. According to Briefly News, Online users found themselves in fits of laughter witnessing the guy’s antics in the Pretoria suburbs, creating quite a buzz in kasi circles.

The video, shared on TikTok by @musa_.a, has garnered 790,000 views. It showcases the humorous scenario of bringing a “kasi friend” into the suburban environment. The guy’s distinctive walk and playful antics had viewers in stitches.

In the video, he comically mimics the act of chasing young kids in the Pretoria suburbs, much to the amusement of onlookers.

@musa_.a We apologized afterwards 😭 @B. K #SAMA28 #fyp #its_just_musa #viral #funny #southafrica #kasi #suburbs ♬ Forever Yena – Major_Keys

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The prank video had South Africans rolling with laughter, with many taking to the comments section to share their thoughts. Some poked fun at the little girls, startled by the guy’s playful gestures.


Nomali couldn’t help but jest, “You are building character. Keep it up.” Karabo playfully exclaimed, “That’s so mean. DO IT AGAIN!” Isaiah even predicted, “10 years from now, they’ll make a TikTok storytime about the scariest day of their lives.”

The video serves as a delightful reminder of the power of humour to bring people together, transcending boundaries and backgrounds and sparking joy even in the unlikeliest situations.

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Picture: TikTok / musa_.a


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