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Kitty and Puppy Haven Animal Shelter Robbed of Stock Worth R80,000



Kitty and Puppy Haven -Kitty and Puppy Haven Animal Shelter Robbed

In a recent incident, the Kitty and Puppy Haven animal shelter in President Park, Midrand, fell victim to a burglary. The culprits made off with stock valued at R80,000, which included essential supplies such as animal food, bedding, toys, and grooming items.

The burglars entered the animal shelter by breaching the backyard fence, causing damage in the process. Thankfully, no staff members were present during the early hours of the crime. However, the shelter’s team now expresses deep concern for their own safety going forward.

Karry Chapman, the shelter’s manager, conveyed the team’s devastation and fear of potential return visits from the criminals. “The staff and rescue team residing on the premises are profoundly worried about their safety. It has become an unsafe environment,” Chapman expressed.

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To enhance both their personal security and that of the shelter, the team is appealing to members of the community for assistance. They are seeking donations of security gates, a new fence, and window burglar bars.


Despite charging adoption fees for their animals, the shelter’s expenses, including salaries, veterinary care, and bills, which are not fully covered. Furthermore, during the break-in, some cats managed to escape their enclosures due to the perpetrators cutting the fence and leaving the gates open. “We are delighted to announce that we successfully located all the cats,” Chapman added.

Sergeant Angelina Selowa, acting spokesperson for Midrand Police Station, confirmed that a case had been registered and is currently under investigation.

Source: Animal shelter robbed of R80 000 stock

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Photo: Facebook / @Kitty and Puppy Haven

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