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Community Collaborates to Revitalise Local Park



kwa-thema residents revamped a community park

Kwa-Thema residents revamped a community park, frustrated with years of neglect from the CoE. They took matters into their own hands, deciding to rebuild the Nyanyadu Community Park using recyclable material.

The park left unmaintained, had deteriorated into an illegal dumping site, and the steel benches and jungle gym, installed four years ago, were damaged. Criminals took advantage of the neglected area, posing a threat to unsuspecting residents passing through.

Ward 77 Clr Thulane Dunjana informed residents that the CoE lacked funds for the park’s reconstruction, prompting the community to take action. Tshepo Matseke, a resident, highlighted the increasing crime in the area, stating, “We collected some building materials from dumping sites and old palisade blocks which were removed from the Kwa-Thema Sports Complex.”

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Residents and donated materials initiated the rehabilitation project, intending to re-install the jungle gym, cement benches, and a soccer pitch. Their efforts aim to provide a safe and accessible facility for children during school holidays without travelling to neighbouring areas.


Dunjana acknowledged the financial constraints but mentioned efforts to seek funding, stating, “We have asked for quotations from the residents and have offered to write motivational letters on behalf of the community to use when they go out seeking funding.” The community is actively pursuing partnerships and donations to realise the park’s restoration.

Source: Residents revamp community park

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