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Community Group Targets City for Energy Reform



Lamdel Resident’s Association chairperson Jakkie Janse van Vuuren

On the forthcoming date of August 11, the Lamdel Resident Association is preparing to stage a picket that will unfold outside the premises of the City of Ekurhuleni offices’ parking area. This decision to take to the streets stems from an ongoing predicament characterised by frequent power outages, an issue that has catalysed a significant response from the community.

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In the resounding words of Jakkie Janse van Vuuren, the Lamdel Resident’s Association chairperson, the community’s patience has worn thin due to the relentless cycle of energy disruptions, mismanagement, and general chaos that permeates the area. A persistent call for genuine transformation echoes through Janse van Vuuren’s statement, as she emphasises a longing for tangible action rather than mere promises. She is convinced that the moment has come to stand united and vocalise their concerns, a sentiment underscored by the urgency of their gathering and its significance.

The community, driven by a collective will for change, aims to seize this pivotal juncture to deliver a memorandum detailing their grievances to the City of Ekurhuleni council members (CoE). The multifaceted challenges they confront due to inadequate energy oversight from the Germiston depot and the council’s apparent inability to address power and supply complications loom large in their concerns. The absence of timely provisions, including essential parts, materials, vehicles, and resources, exacerbates their plight.

Central to their message is the unmistakable assertion that the community’s patience has waned to its lowest ebb. The recurrent and constant power outages have disrupted lives and wreaked financial and emotional havoc on families, inflicted damage upon local enterprises, and dealt a detrimental blow to the community’s economic prosperity. Janse van Vuuren’s words underscore the dire need for the council’s substantive engagement, urging them to prioritise the community’s well-being by initiating meaningful measures.


In the endeavour to raise their voice, Janse van Vuuren extends an invitation to the entire community, rallying them to join this picket in substantial numbers. As she aptly phrases it, the turmoil created by the electricity crisis impacts everyone universally. Through a robust show of solidarity, the community seeks to convey their relentless demand for immediate action to address this turmoil. The significance of a unified front resonates in her call for strength in numbers, a collective force that will unequivocally communicate the gravity of their concerns to the council.

Janse van Vuuren’s proclamation that this issue transcends individual grievances and evolves into a collective predicament resonates powerfully. The narrative they wish to articulate is one of a community united in its struggles as they endeavour to project a vivid image to the council – that their shared ordeal is not a plight faced by a select few but rather a pervasive issue impacting every community member.

Lamdel’s protracted efforts to resolve these challenges have dispatched a barrage of emails to the mayor, city manager, MMC of energy, and other relevant officials. These missives, pleading for answers and feasible solutions to the power predicament, reflect the depth of their concern. They’ve articulated a series of explicit requests aimed at instigating concrete changes:

  • An immediate intervention to restore power to the areas afflicted by outages, accompanied by a meticulous investigation into the root causes of these disruptions.
  • An insistence on transparent communication, characterised by accurate timelines and updates on progress, to keep the community well-informed about ongoing restoration efforts.
  • An urgent focus is on restoring vandalised mini substations and resolving voltage irregularities that impact the residents.
  • A comprehensive evaluation of the financial landscape within the energy department, with a clear emphasis on ensuring that contractors receive timely payments and securing funds earmarked for vital components and materials.

Source: Local association takes the energy fight to the city

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Photo: Supplied by Germiston City News

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