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Grade 10 Learner Fatally Stabbed by Fellow Pupil at Aha-Thuto Secondary School



South African Police Service -Learner Fatally Stabbed by Fellow Pupil

Yesterday afternoon, a tragic incident occurred at Aha-Thuto Secondary School in Orange Farm, Johannesburg, where a 17-year-old Grade 10 learner was fatally stabbed and killed, allegedly by another learner. According to information obtained by Sedibeng Ster, the stabbing took place during lunchtime on the school premises. The victim was rushed to a local clinic but unfortunately succumbed to the injuries.

Following the incident, there was an altercation involving other learners and the student believed to be responsible for the stabbing, resulting in the school being closed for the day.

A source close to the incident revealed that fights frequently erupt within the school premises. They expressed concern about the ease with which students bring weapons onto school grounds, despite the presence of security personnel at the gate. Teachers and even some security guards reportedly fear these young students.

When Sedibeng Ster visited the school later in the day, one patroller was seen carrying a knobkierie, a traditional African weapon, as a precaution against potentially violent and unruly learners.

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Sergeant Shaan Motsapi, spokesperson for the Sedibeng Cluster police, confirmed the incident and stated that a murder investigation is underway. According to Motsapi, a fight broke out between a 16-year-old and a 17-year-old over a taser, but was initially stopped by a friend. However, during the school break, the two encountered each other again, resulting in a renewed altercation. The 16-year-old suspect then pulled out a knife and stabbed the 17-year-old in the thigh.

The victim was initially taken to Stretford Clinic for medical treatment but unfortunately did not survive the stabbing.

Motsapi added that a murder case has been registered and the suspect has been detained. The murder weapon has also been seized. The suspect is expected to appear before the Vereeniging Magistrate’s Court, where they will face a charge of murder.

Source: Learner detained for fatal stabbing of Gr 10 at Gauteng school

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Photo: Facebook / @South African Police Service

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