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Liam Achieves Remarkable New Lifting Records



Liam Achieves Remarkable New Lifting Records

Dominant weightlifter Liam Chandler, an alumnus of Hoërskool Dinamika and a member of Movement Crew, continues to shine in his weightlifting divisions.

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Chandler recently participated in the South African Weightlifting Championships, where he broke records and secured victories in both junior and senior categories.

During the championships, he achieved an SA snatch record of 132kg, an SA clean and jerk record of 155kg, and an impressive total record of 287kg. These accomplishments have earned him new junior and senior Gauteng snatch records.

Chandler’s consistent success reflects his dedication and hard work, a sentiment echoed by his proud father, Gavin Chandler.


Source: Lifter Liam sets impressive new records

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Photo: Supplied by Citizen

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