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Human Settlements MMC Delivers Over 100 Title Deeds to Beneficiaries



139 title deeds

In a significant achievement, the Member of the Mayoral Committee for Human Settlements in the City of Johannesburg, Cllr Anthea Leitch, handed over 139 title deeds at Tshepisong in Region C.

As per Joburg Newsroom, the handover marked a vital step in providing dignified housing for residents in the area. It was possible through a partnership between the Gauteng Provincial Government and the City of Johannesburg.

Of the 6,142 stands in Tshepisong, 5,505 had already been registered at the Deeds Office, signifying the progress made.

However, the process also involved reissuing title deeds lost in a fire at the Human Settlements office, with about 637 outstanding title deeds.

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MMC Leitch stressed the city’s ongoing commitment to Tshepisong residents and the pursuit of creating a better future for all. Feasibility studies for future housing projects are already underway, which brings hope for additional affordable housing options.

Upgrading informal settlements at Ebumnandini is also in progress, highlighting the city’s dedication to improving living conditions.

Leitch highlighted the significance of homeownership, describing it as a symbol of stability, security, and a brighter future. The title deeds handover celebrated the resilience and determination of Tshepisong residents. It demonstrated the city’s commitment to creating communities where everyone has a place they can proudly call home.

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Picture: X / AntheaLeitch1

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