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Load Shedding Adds Stress for Nel Family with Power Outages



Load Shedding Adds Stress for Nel Family with Power Outages

Frequent and prolonged load-shedding, coupled with unpredictable power outages, is causing immense stress for the Nel family in Robin Hills. Alexa and Martin Nel, along with their seven-year-old son Marno, who lives with a disability, face significant challenges due to the unreliable power supply.

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Marno, born with chromosome deletion MEFC2, requires constant monitoring of his ventilation and oxygen machines. The family’s backup power system, essential for Marno’s well-being, relies on batteries that have a diminishing lifespan due to the extended outages. Despite having a generator, the high cost of petrol prevents its continuous use, exacerbating the stress on the family.

Marno’s health complications, including a stroke in 2019, make a reliable power supply crucial for his medical equipment. The family is seeking financial assistance to purchase a more efficient lithium-iron-volt battery, costing R33,000, to alleviate their dependence on a fading backup power system.

The Nel family’s plea for support extends beyond financial contributions, as the stress of sleepless nights, constant vigilance for alarms, and uncertainty about power restoration take a toll on their well-being. Contributions to aid Marno can be directed to Alexa Nel at [email protected].


This comprehensive overview highlights the Nel family’s challenges, emphasising the urgency of their situation and the potential impact of community support on Marno’s quality of life.

Source: Load-shedding and power outages causes additional stress for Nel family

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Photo: Supplied by Randburg Sun

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