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Local ward councillors give their thoughts on Johannesburg’s latest mayor



local ward councillors

Will three times be a charm for the residents of the City of Johannesburg? The City of Johannesburg has seen two new mayors from Al Jama-ah, with the latest being newly elected Kabelo Gwamanda, since the DA’s caucus leader Mpho Phalatse’s ousting in a second motion of no confidence in January this year after being in office for one year. Despite the political turmoil, local ward councillors share their insights on the consequences of the constant mayoral changes.

Ward 117 councillor Tim Truluck expressed concern over the ongoing shifts in political parties, emphasising that it exacerbates the decline of the City of Johannesburg. He stated, “The only way that the City of Johannesburg can reverse its current nosedive into becoming a failed city is if we can get a stable government of likeminded parties for 10–20 years. With regard to the current spate of no-hoper puppets being put up in Gauteng, they are chosen specifically to be controlled and told what to do by the coalition major parties.”

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Highlighting the importance of experience and competence, Truluck pointed out that while the party chooses a mayor with the highest number of councillors, it is crucial to have individuals with political and operational knowledge in leadership positions. Selecting candidates without proper vetting and qualifications can lead to issues and complications.

Echoing similar sentiments, Ward 72 councillor Daniel Schay identified cadre deployment as contributing to the dysfunctional system. He highlighted that many individuals appointed through cadre deployment might have questionable competence. In addition, when there is a change in leadership, they often wait for political instructions, leading to disruptions in service delivery. Finally, Schay emphasised the need for stability and professionalism in the administration, suggesting that while formal qualifications may not be a requirement for mayors, they can indicate someone’s professionalism and ethics.


Finally, the concerns raised by local ward councillors shed light on the challenges faced by the City of Johannesburg due to the frequent changes in mayoral leadership and the impact of cadre deployment. Stability, experience, and a focus on professionalism are crucial factors in reversing the city’s decline and ensuring effective governance for the benefit of its residents.

Source: Local ward councillors weigh in on City of Johannesburg’s latest mayor

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