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Winter Tyre Maintenance – How to Keep Your Tyres in Top Shape



maintaining tyres

Winter is just around the corner, so maintaining tyres is essential to staying safe in slippery conditions on the road. With cooler air and the risks associated with driving in it, you can remain safe by keeping your tyres in sound condition.

Monitoring tyre pressure plays a crucial role in tyre care. Generally, pressure reduces when the ambient temperature decreases, and tyres become underinflated. This damages tyres and shortens their lives, so a pressure gauge must always be used, and tyres must be pumped accordingly.

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Check the tyre tread depth. Worn-out treads mean losing grip on slippery roads. Use a tread depth gauge to see if the tread depth is not below 1.6 mm. Otherwise, the tyres must be replaced.

Proper wheel alignment and balancing are crucial, especially on a slippery road. A wrong or poorly balanced wheel axis can trigger uneven tyre wear and affect the car’s handling, causing safety problems.


Finally, examine the tyres for cuts, bulges, or punctures. To guarantee road security, worn-out or damaged tyres should be replaced with repaired or replaced ones. Practising the following essential skills will enable drivers to stay safe on snowy roads.

Source: How to maintain tyres in the winter months

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