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Scooter Hit by Car in Road Rage Altercation



road rage incident

A 33-year-old Boksburg South woman wants justice after a road rage incident on the corner of North Rand and Herman Pieters roads on April 30. Sheree Buitendach told the Boksburg Advertiser that she and her wife, Chanelle (29), were on their way home when the incident happened at about 18:20. They were travelling on a white and red Big Boy scooter.

On their way home, Sheree said a red Hyundai Atos driver skipped a red light on the corner of North Rand and Romeo roads. “I hooted at the driver of the Atos for not adhering to the traffic rules. I then saw the Atos make a U-turn. He came back speeding towards us, but I managed to swerve and get out of his way. “We were now in the middle of the road. He then stopped in front of our scooter and blocked us,” she said. Sheree said the man then started swearing and attacked the scooter with an object – she could not identify – while he was still inside his car.

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“As I pushed the bike backwards it looked like he was going to drive off but when I stopped so did he. He then reversed into us at high speed and we were knocked off the scooter.” Both women sustained injuries, Sheree has minor injuries to her legs, and Chanelle’s left arm is broken. She will undergo an operation on May 3. Sheree said she believes the driver is in his mid to late 40’s. “He was short and baldish with a bit of grey hair visible.” The couple wants the driver brought to book before he does the same to someone else.

“What if the next person is not as lucky to live to tell their story? My wife did nothing to him. I was the one who hooted at him, yet she is the one who is hospital now. Furthermore, there was a woman and children in the Atos at the time too.” Sheree posted the details of the incident on the Boksburg Community Group, and a woman commented that a similar incident involving a red Atos had happened to her. Due to the damage, the scooter was a write-off, and the woman reported the matter to the police. The Boksburg Advertiser requested official comment from the SAPS, but none was received at the time of going to print.


Source: Car rams scooter in road rage incident

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Picture: Facebook / Sheree Buitendach

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