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Prioritise Personal Safety for the New Year



personal safety

Fidelity ADT marketing and communications manager Charnel Hattingh emphasises the importance of starting the New Year with personal safety.

The new year offers a new start, and the security of your home or business has been neglected and needs a fresh approach, too.

Charnel Hattingh, group head of marketing and communications manager at Fidelity ADT, says now is the opportune time to consider whether your home security system is still adequate. “When last did you test your alarm system? It’s one of those things that may have slipped by the wayside but is vitally important. You must be sure that the system still works and that your security company will receive an alarm signal in case of an emergency,” she says.

Hattingh says it’s also key that your security company has all your updated contact information so that they know exactly who to contact in an emergency. This information includes the details of secondary contacts in case the main contact person is unreachable.

“Wear and tear is inevitable on any system as is plant growth. That’s why a regular check of the system and the surroundings needs to be done. Take a walk around the property. If you have big bushes or plants in your garden, make sure they don’t obscure any outdoors passive or infrared alarm sensors,” she advises. Have you renovated over the last year? Check if the alarm system adequately covers the new rooms or areas and that the system or components have not been compromised or damaged during the renovations.


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“Make sure any items that could be used to break into your home or business are stored in a secure location such as a shed. This could include garden tools, ladders, and such. Ideally, choose a location that is protected by an outdoor or passive infrared detector.”

Perimeter security remains key as a first line of defence. “Evaluate your access control, gates, electric fencing, and beams. Are they still in good condition? Are they still adequate? It might be time for a perimeter security assessment and upgrade,” says Hattingh.

Fire prevention should also be on the New Year checklist. “Fires are a very real threat and should be taken seriously. Having a fire escape plan, extinguishers and smoke detectors at the property are must-haves,” she says. “Fire extinguishers need to be checked once a year and batteries in smoke detectors do run out so perhaps consider replacing these.”

“It is always best to get a professional in to assess your security solutions at home if you are unsure about whether it is still adequate. These experts will be able to identify any vulnerable areas and offer the best solutions. Let’s start the New Year properly protected,” she concludes.


Source: Readers urged to make personal safety a priority for the New Year

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