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Extended Water Outage: Queenswood and Surrounding Areas Impacted



Water outages in Queenswood

Water outages in Queenswood and nearby areas complicate life for residents as the repair work experiences further delays, extending the period without water. Ward councillor Roelof Fourie advises affected residents to use water tankers deployed in the area until the regular water services are fully restored.

The issue arose from a significant leak in the primary bulk pipeline, leading to repair work initiated by the City of Tshwane on Thursday, January 4. Initially projected to be completed within 20 hours, the repair process faced complications. However, the first set of repairs concluded early Friday morning, and discovering a second leak near the initial repair site added to the complexities.

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As of Friday afternoon, technicians were actively involved in welding flanges onto the pipe segments, aiming for completion between 22:00 and 23:00 on the same night. Once successfully joined, water will be reintroduced into the network as the reservoir reaches a sufficient level.

Councillor Fourie cautioned residents about potential leaks during the water restoration process, explaining, “Because the pipes are empty of water, they are full of air. The air must be displaced to make space for the water. If water flows in too quickly, shockwaves can cause pipes to burst.” He added that opening fire hydrants would release the air; if all goes well, water should be available by the following day.


While waiting for full restoration, residents are encouraged to use water tankers stationed at seven locations until 21:00, bearing in mind that tankers need about an hour to refill when they run dry.

Source: Water outage affecting Queenswood and nearby areas is extended

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