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Fusion Centre’s Anti-Corruption Efforts Yield Positive Results



Fusion Centre

Lieutenant General Godfrey Lebeya, the National Head of the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (DPCI), highlighted the remarkable achievements of the Fusion Centre in its ongoing battle against corruption.

Established in May 2020 by the Anti-Corruption Task Team (ACTT) and the National Priority Committee on Organised Crime (NPCOC), the Fusion Centre is a collaborative initiative involving all corruption-fighting agencies. SANews reports that Lebeya highlighted the centre’s success in arrests, prosecution, freezing orders, and recoveries from May 2020 to the present, underscoring the effectiveness of the government’s commitment to combatting crime and corruption.

Using an intelligence-driven approach and comprehensive data analysis, the Fusion Centre expedites case processing, reducing delays in pursuing justice. By combining the expertise of multiple agencies within their legislative mandates, the centre enhances the quality of investigations, leading to increased prosecution successes.

Lebeya shared insights into some of the complex cases handled by the Fusion Centre involving commercial crimes and organised criminal syndicates. Notable successes included cases related to fraud, maladministration, tax evasion, and corruption, resulting in the investigation of 556 cases and incidents. Additionally, 51 individuals and 43 entities were convicted for various crimes, with 48 cases still in court.

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The Fusion Centre’s focus extends beyond arrests and convictions to freezing orders and recoveries. Collaborating with entities such as the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC), Asset Forfeiture Unit (AFU), Special Investigating Unit (SIU), and South African Revenue Service (SARS), the centre obtained numerous orders totalling millions of rands.

Lebeya also addressed cases involving public officials, highlighting the Fusion Centre’s role in identifying maladministration and non-compliance with legislative frameworks. The centre initiated 97 disciplinary and executive actions against officials, resulting in dismissals, resignations, suspensions, and ongoing investigations.

Beyond its original focus on COVID-19-related financial crimes, the Fusion Centre’s mandate has expanded to include organised crime, money laundering, fraud, maladministration, terrorist financing, and other serious financial crimes in public and private institutions. Lebeya called for increased collaboration with the business sector to enhance forensic investigation skills and contribute to the ongoing fight against corruption.

The Fusion Centre’s proactive and collaborative approach continues to make significant strides in upholding justice and combating corruption within South Africa.

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