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Megan Receives Special Award at MDSA Pageant



Megan Receives Special Award at MDSA Pageant

Alberton’s Megan Holmes, a familiar face on the winner’s podium, once again graced the stage during the Miss, Mr & Mrs Deaf  Pageant South Africa’s grand event in Cape Town. This time, she stood proudly to receive the prestigious International Achievement Award, a testament to her remarkable contributions to the deaf community.

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Megan’s impressive journey includes her reign as Ms Deaf International 2022, where she clinched the title and earned recognition as the best cultural attire winner—an unprecedented achievement in the pageant’s history. Prior to this, she had secured the coveted title of Ms Deaf South Africa 2021 and the esteemed Best Personality title.

Beyond her pageant success, Megan is deeply committed to her community, actively collaborating with various charitable organisations that directly assist and raise awareness for important causes.

Expressing her gratitude, Megan extended her heartfelt thanks to the Miss, Mr & Mrs Deaf South Africa pageant for honouring her with this special award. She noted that receiving the award in her hometown of Cape Town marked a fitting conclusion to her reign, describing her journey as one filled with continuous personal and professional growth.


Megan emphasised her pride in receiving the award, recognising her unwavering passion, dedication, and courage in her daily endeavours. Looking ahead, her plans include ongoing volunteer work, with a strong belief in the vital role of charity in today’s world. She aspires to inspire others to extend a helping hand to those in need and to promote love and compassion as guiding principles in life.

Source: MDSA pageant bestows special award on Megan

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Photo: Supplied by Alberton Rekord

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