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Monday Morning Protests Shake Johannesburg



Roads in Westdene and Westberry have been cordoned off to traffic due to protests in the area stemming from inadequate service delivery, including subpar health services at Helen Joseph Hospital.

Impacted roads encompass Perth Road in Westbury and Westdene, effectively blocking traffic between Fourth Avenue and Harmony Street as reported by Jacarandafm.

Fihla, the local authority, has advised motorists to exercise caution in light of the situation.

“The situation remains relatively calm except for the road closure. Anticipate significant delays in the area, particularly on the primary road connecting Perth Road and within Westdene and Westberry, as traffic is being redirected from the closure on Perth Road.

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“Motorists are strongly encouraged to avoid these areas and consider alternative routes such as Serpentine Avenue in Hursthill, Hayview on Florida Road in Westberry, and Albertina Sisulu in Industria.”

In the meantime, in the southern part of Johannesburg, residents in Eldorado Park have also taken to the streets to voice their frustration regarding the deployment of police officers in the vicinity following a shooting incident over a week ago.

“Union Avenue in Eldorado Park has been barricaded to traffic using burning tires and rocks near Cavendish Street and Van Zeeburg Avenue. This is a result of ongoing protests in the area, and motorists are advised to exercise caution and seek alternative routes,” states Fihla.

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Photo: Twitter / @Jacaranda FM

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