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Monique Muller Calls Out Celebs Supporting Katlego Maboe



Monique Muller Calls Out Celebs Supporting Katlego Maboe

Monique Muller has taken to her Instagram Stories to address certain celebrities who have publicly expressed their support for Katlego Maboe amidst the ongoing child support controversy. While she refrained from naming names, Monique specifically called out sports presenters and actors who had shown solidarity with Katlego as reported by Briefly.

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She expressed her frustration with the public’s focus on a different narrative rather than empathising with her own experiences and challenges, stating, “A woman got hit in the face with a brick, but you are more upset about baby mama drama.”

Monique went on to urge the group of celebrities she was referring to, which included sports news anchors and actors, to use their platforms to advocate for positive causes, including offering support to Nikita, who is also involved in the situation.

In a previous instance, sports personality Robert Marawa had publicly praised Katlego Maboe, applauding his career achievements and resilience amid personal difficulties. Katlego had thanked Robert for his inspiration and guidance.


Monique revisited her ongoing child support battle with Katlego Maboe, seeking advice from her followers. She alleged that Katlego had misrepresented his income, claiming monthly expenses ranging from R25k to R75k, while official documents suggested he spends over R100k. Monique also mentioned her financial constraints in affording legal representation, noting, “This is an ongoing fight, and now I think I have a strong case because he has four attorneys on the maintenance issue.”

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