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Motsoaledi Urges Comprehensive Reform of South Africa’s Immigration Laws



immigration laws

Minister of Home Affairs Aaron Motsoaledi emphasised the urgent need for an overhaul of immigration laws in South Africa. According to EWN, he stressed this proposal while addressing challenges within the sector. Speaking during a media briefing in Pretoria on Sunday, Motsoaledi highlighted the introduction of a White Paper on Citizenship, Immigration, and Refugee Protection by the Department of Home Affairs, which is now open for public comment.

In his address, Motsoaledi pointed out a significant challenge facing the country’s immigration system – the lack of alignment among different regulations. He stressed that the existing laws, developed at other times, create inconsistencies and loopholes within the system.

The White Paper proposes several recommendations to address these issues. One essential suggestion is the review of the Border Management Authority Act to ensure alignment with the Citizenship and Immigration Act. This move aims to streamline regulations and improve the coherence of the legal framework governing immigration.

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Additionally, Motsoaledi highlighted the need to establish a register documenting individuals granted citizenship in South Africa. The proposed register would be presented to Parliament annually, enhancing transparency and accountability in citizenship-granting.


The Minister also underscored the importance of implementing effective mechanisms to monitor and manage the influx of illegal immigrants. Currently, Home Affairs faces challenges in accounting for illegal immigrants in the country, necessitating improved monitoring systems.

Motsoaledi’s call for an overhaul reflects a broader commitment to address the complexities within South Africa’s immigration laws and ensure a more coherent and responsive regulatory framework. The proposed changes aim to enhance efficiency, transparency, and accountability within the immigration sector.

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