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Latest Update: Court Appearance for 2 Metro Officers and 11 Others



N12 highway truck hijacking suspects

The 13 N12 highway truck hijacking suspects appeared in the Benoni Magistrate’s Court on 22 August. The suspects include two metro police officers from Tshwane and Johannesburg, who briefly appeared in the Benoni Magistrate’s Court. The suspects are facing robbery charges with aggravating circumstances stemming from the incident on 19 August.

The arrest of these individuals followed a tip-off received by the police regarding a truck hijacking on the N12 highway. A collaborative effort was launched involving members from various units, including the Provincial Serious and Violence Crimes, Tactical Response Team, Middelburg Flying Squad, Johannesburg K9, CAP Specialised Unit, and Fidelity Specialised Services. Strategically positioning themselves along the N12, law enforcement officers executed a well-planned operation that led to the apprehension of all 13 suspects involved in the hijacking.

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Lumka Mahanjana, the regional spokesperson for the NPA, says the suspects face multiple charges beyond robbery with aggravating circumstances. Five face charges of possession of jamming devices, possession of stolen property, and contravention of the police act. Additionally, two other suspects are facing stolen property and firearm possession charges.

The court postponed the case to 29 August. The delay will allow for verification of the suspects’ addresses and potentially facilitate a bail application process.


Source: Update: Metro officers and 11 others appear in court

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