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Efforts to Oust Gwamanda from Office Will Not Succeed, Says Source



calls for Gwamanda's resignation will fail

Amidst the growing political tensions in Johannesburg’s Government of Local Unity, several parties remain resolute in their belief that the calls for Gwamanda’s resignation will fail, as well as those for the dissolution of the council and the holding of fresh elections.

According to SABC News, Action SA will table a motion of no confidence against Mayor Kabelo Gwamanda as the week’s council session approaches. Simultaneously, the Democratic Alliance (DA) is pushing for an amendment to the motion, advocating for the dissolution of the Joburg council. However, the Patriotic Alliance and the African Transformation Movement intend to vote against ActionSA’s motion.

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Margaret Arnolds, representing the African Independent Congress within the Government of Local Unity, remains confident that both motions will not achieve their intended outcomes. She underlines the significance of the numbers game in the City of Johannesburg’s political landscape, emphasizing that the Government of Local Unity holds the majority. Arnolds clarifies that the DA, IFP, ACDP, and ActionSA combined forces do not possess the numerical strength required to sway decisions.

“The Government of Local Unity does have the numbers, so I am not worried and I am not anxious,” Arnolds confidently asserts.


These political manoeuvrings underscore the complexities and dynamics of local governance in Johannesburg, where various parties with divergent interests are vying for influence and control. As the council session unfolds, the outcomes of these motions will shed light on the future trajectory of the city’s leadership and political landscape.

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