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POPCRU Advocates for Nationalisation of South Africa’s Traffic Police to Reduce Road Fatalities



nationalising traffic police

Believing it could significantly reduce road fatalities, the Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) advocates nationalising traffic police. POPCRU proposes the transformation of provincial traffic police departments into a unified national entity to address “severe organisational challenges.” According to the union, these challenges hinder traffic officers from adopting a strategic and coordinated approach to policing roads, limiting their efficiency. EWN reports that POPCRU highlights the fragmented nature of the current system, with traffic departments falling under various provincial departments such as Housing, Public Works, and Safety and Security.

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Citing poor working conditions for traffic officers, POPCRU spokesperson Richard Mamabolo emphasised the need for a nationalised approach to mitigate challenges. The union contends that consolidating traffic police into a national department would enhance capacity, providing a unified direction to tackle road safety. Mamabolo noted the impracticality of having traffic police in the Western Cape accountable to the Department of Housing, emphasising the importance of aligning responsibilities with the specialisation of each department.

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Picture: Pixabay / Netto Figueiredo

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