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Elon Musk Sparks Debate as NeuraLink’s Human Trial Shows Recovery from Brain Chip Implant



NeuraLink's Human Trial

In a surprising update, Elon Musk announced on X (formerly Twitter) that NeuraLink’s Human Trial has succeeded, marking a significant milestone in developing the brain-chip technology. NeuraLink, a brain scientist startup, conducted its first human trial, successfully implanting a brain chip designed for the “Telepathy” product, allowing individuals to control devices through their thoughts, as per The Blast.

The Human Trial, approved for study in May 2023, witnessed Musk’s confirmation of receiving the implant. However, the company faces scrutiny over alleged violations of the Animal Welfare Act and accusations of misleading investors regarding NeuraLink’s safety, potentially leading to securities fraud charges.

Musk Reveals The First NeuraLink Human Trial

Elon Musk took to X to share the latest breakthrough in NeuraLink’s human telepathy project. He revealed that an unidentified patient has received the implant and is “recovering well.” Musk highlighted promising results from the trial, specifically in neuron spike detection. However, he provided no additional details about the implant procedure or the patient’s condition.

The implanted brain chip, a quarter-size device hosting numerous threadlike electrodes, is surgically inserted into the human brain. As reported by Reuters, positioned in the region controlling voluntary movements, the chip establishes connections to relay electrical signals from neurons.


Following Musk’s tweet about the NeuraLink milestone, social media reactions were diverse, with some applauding Musk’s achievement while others raised safety concerns.

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NeuraLink Is Creating A ‘Telepathy’ Product

In a recent revelation on X, Musk unveiled NeuraLink’s first product, “Telepathy,” adding to the speculation about the brain implant’s capabilities. Musk clarified that the brain chip would empower users to control devices solely through their thoughts, particularly phones and computers. Initial users, according to Musk, will include those who have lost the use of their limbs, envisioning communication at an unprecedented speed.

Approved For Human Trials In 2023

According to CNBC, NeuraLink received approval from the Food and Drug Administration for human trials in May 2023. The company initiated participant recruitment in September of the same year. Musk, committed to the technology, previously declared his intention to receive a brain chip implant once it was ready.

NeuraLink Was Accused Of Violating Animal Welfare


Since NeuraLink’s establishment in 2016, it has faced accusations of Animal Welfare violations, though a 2022 Reuters report revealed only one violation after an investigation by the Agriculture Department. Musk is not immune to allegations, with lawmakers seeking an SEC investigation into potential securities fraud. The allegations centre around Musk allegedly misleading investors about NeuraLink’s product safety, particularly after reports of health issues in monkeys during animal testing.

In a recent development, NeuraLink was fined $2,480 for violating U.S. Department of Transportation rules relating to the movement of hazardous materials.

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