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New Rehabilitation Center Welcomes Patients



New Rehabilitation Center Welcomes Patients

The city is addressing the concerning rise in substance abuse among young teenagers with the establishment of the Youth Revival Sanctuary. Backed by community-driven organisations, including the Avenues Residents Association (ARA), ER24, the South African National Blood Services (SANBS), Super Cops, Life The Glynnwood Hospital, Fresh FM, and other local businesses, the rehabilitation centre officially opened on October 21.

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Suzette Dippenaar, who brings 25 years of experience from SANCA Horizon Clinic, is the founder of this in-patient facility designed to help youths aged 13 to 17 combat addiction. The centre is witnessing a significant increase in teenagers struggling with substance abuse, often involving cannabis, alcohol, nyaope, prescription medication, and codeine-containing cough syrup. Factors contributing to this issue include peer pressure, unrealistic social standards portrayed on social media, family dynamics, and underlying mental health conditions, which often drive teens to seek solace in substance abuse.

Dippenaar’s three-week treatment program, “The Strong,” serves as a comprehensive guide for clients to understand addiction and develop strategies to overcome it. A multidisciplinary team of medical, therapy, and nursing professionals customises the treatment approach to cater to each healthcare user’s specific needs.

ARA’s Chairperson, Marinda Beukes, acknowledges the detrimental impact of substance abuse on individuals and communities. The organisation is offering unwavering support to Suzette and her team. By launching an awareness and wellness campaign, they aim to make parents and adolescents aware that help is available. Overcoming substance abuse is a challenging journey, but with a dedicated program and the backing of the entire community, the path can become a bit smoother.


To learn more about the Youth Revival Sanctuary, individuals can contact Suzette Dippenaar at 060 995 3197 or 010 448 6932.

Source: New rehab centre opens its doors

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