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JRA Outlines Bridge Construction Strategy



JRA Outlines Bridge Construction Strategy

The Johannesburg Road Agency (JRA) engaged with the Buccleuch residents and ratepayers’ association on October 17, sharing JRA’s plans to rehabilitate the high bridge in Buccleuch.

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Yonela Mdubeki, representing JRA, along with Buccleuch ward councillors Dimakatso Moloisane and Lori Coogan, held an information-sharing session at Buccleuch Primary School to discuss Project JRA/22/125. This Project focuses on rehabilitating the Buccleuch Drive bridge and the Juskei River in Region E, which connect the two communities between Midrand and Sandton.

JRA spokesperson Bertha Scheepers explained that both the Buccleuch Drive high bridge and the problematic low bridge on Bridge Road require attention. The low-level bridge in Buccleuch necessitates extensive work, including constructing a new bridge. At the same time, the Buccleuch Drive structure requires rehabilitation, with a significant portion of the work aimed at erosion protection in the stream.

Work within the wetland area requires an environmental impact assessment (EIA) and a Water Use License (WUL), both of which are time-consuming processes. As a result, the high-level bridge project is ready for implementation, while the low-level bridge’s designs are still being finalised.


The Buccleuch Drive bridge project is scheduled for 12 months, with the duration determined by the nature of the work. Scheepers stated that registered engineers assessed the bridge and found it structurally sound, requiring only minor rehabilitation, which is included in the current scope of works.

Residents expressed concerns during the meeting, particularly regarding the perceived limited benefits of the contractor-led opportunity (CLO) for the community. They also questioned the allocation of funds, with R56,313,742.50 earmarked for the Project. Some residents believed the money should be directed toward addressing criminal activities and substance abuse in Buccleuch.

Tebogo Sithatu, a Buccleuch resident affiliated with the United Civil Society in action (UCSA) group, welcomed the Project with the condition that JRA and the ward councillors address residents’ concerns. He demanded access to the environmental impact assessment report and public consultation minutes related to the decision. Sithatu also stated that UCSA would take action if their concerns were not adequately addressed.

Source: JRA talks plan to build bridges

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