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Newly elected Mayco member, Brink, faces challenging financial choices



Tshwane Mayor Cilliers Brink has quickly assembled a Mayoral committee (Mayco) tasked with making tough decisions to pull the city out of its current financial struggles. Brink stated that Mayco’s primary focus would be to recover Tshwane from its massive debt of over R20 billion and enforce more stringent oversight in the city’s daily business affairs as reported by the Pretoria Rekord.

This includes analyzing daily collections, expenditures, and overdue invoices, as well as reevaluating non-critical projects to ensure they align with the mandate of a local government.

Brink also emphasized implementing a performance management system to address the maladministration issues flagged in the previous Auditor-General report.

The new Mayco will comprise nine members with various portfolios, including finance, utilities, regional operations, and community safety.

They will improve basic services, mitigate the effects of load-shedding, and ensure high productivity and professionalism in city officials.


Returning finance MMC Peter Sutton added that Mayco’s independent investigator would conduct forensic investigations into recent financial statements to determine the true financial state of the metro, preventing any further mismanagement or lack of oversight.

Photo: Facebook / @Cilliers Brink

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