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End of August Marks No-Confidence Motion Against Gwamanda



Johannesburg Mayor Mr Gwamanda

In June, the party took a decisive step by filing a motion of no confidence against Joburg mayor, Gwamanda, driven by their conviction that he has inadequately addressed the intricate details surrounding grave criminal allegations levied against him.

The timeline leading to this motion reveals a series of significant events. Shortly after securing his position as mayor, Gwamanda was under scrutiny from an unexpected source—the Financial Sector Conduct Authority. This authority asserted that Gwamanda, an Al Jama-ah councillor, orchestrated a deceptive funeral services scheme that preyed upon Soweto’s unsuspecting residents. This development was a striking blow to his reputation and an alarming revelation for the community he served as reported by Jacarandafm.

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In response to these allegations, Gwamanda firmly distanced himself by vehemently denying any association with the investigation. His declaration of ignorance added another layer of complexity to the narrative, leaving many questions unanswered.

The intricacies of this situation, however, extend beyond the allegations themselves. ActionSA’s spokesperson, Khomotjo Mashala, raises further concerns about the role of external forces in shielding Gwamanda. Mashala’s assertion that the ANC-EFF coalition has orchestrated media protection for the embattled mayor suggests a broader support network. Additionally, Gwamanda’s sidelining by Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi in the aftermath of a significant gas explosion in Johannesburg’s CBD raises eyebrows about his standing within the political realm.


Furthermore, Gwamanda’s actions as a leader are called into question. His supposed shielding of his own executive members, even in the face of serious allegations, is a source of contention. Particularly notable is the case of Nomiya Mnisi, a Member of the Mayoral Committee for Economic Development, who remains in office despite being embroiled in damning accusations. These allegations, involving the alleged misdirection of city funds towards the ANC Youth League, cast a shadow over the integrity of the executive body.

Amidst this backdrop, ActionSA underscores the city’s fiscal enormity, with a budget nearing a staggering R80 billion. Within such financial dimensions, the imperative for a credible and ethically sound leader becomes paramount. As a party that holds ethical leadership in high regard, ActionSA’s position is clear: Johannesburg residents deserve unblemished leadership, a sentiment rooted in their core values.

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