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City Power Takes Action – Non-Paying Businesses in Joburg Face Disconnection



non-paying businesses

City Power has launched a comprehensive initiative to address the growing issue of unpaid electricity bills in Johannesburg, focusing on non-paying businesses in Roodepoort, located in the western part of the city.

According to SABC News, the ongoing efforts to recover unpaid bills result from a substantial outstanding balance of R700 million in unpaid electricity bills at the Roodepoort service delivery centre.

Isaac Mangena, the spokesperson for City Power, has officially confirmed that a total of six businesses, collectively owing an outstanding amount of R42 million, have been subjected to disconnections as part of the ongoing campaign to rectify the revenue deficit.

Mangena emphasises the significance of maintaining a balanced debt ledger and asserts that City Power will carry out regular operations to ensure all businesses fulfil their financial responsibilities.

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“We are dedicated to providing essential services to our valued customers who meet their financial obligations. Regrettably, Roodepoort, known for its affluence, has seen a worrying trend of businesses benefiting from electricity services without adhering to their payment responsibilities. We are unwavering in our determination to hold these businesses accountable and ensure they comply with their necessary financial contributions, thereby sustaining our operations.”

Mangena highlights the importance of cultivating responsible business practices and fostering collaborative efforts to uphold the integrity of the local electricity infrastructure.

City Power continues its tireless efforts to enhance debt management and revenue recovery while actively encouraging business entities to prioritise their financial obligations and contribute to the sustainable operation of the local electricity network.

“We maintain our steadfast commitment to ensuring a reliable and sustainable electricity supply for our community. It is imperative that businesses recognise their role in fulfilling their financial responsibilities and actively support our endeavors to provide uninterrupted services to our esteemed customers,” concludes Mangena.

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