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Major Shift – Eskom Transfers Load Shedding Operations in Johannesburg to City Power



load-shedding operations

In a significant move to safeguard the integrity and stability of the national grid, Eskom will hand over load-shedding operations to Joburg City Power.

Beginning in November, City Power will assume responsibility for load-shedding operations in most of Johannesburg’s areas, which Eskom previously managed, as reported by EWN.

This transition will modify the load-shedding schedules throughout the metro and Eskom’s coverage in Gauteng.

City Power and Eskom, in a joint statement, have announced the transfer of load-shedding operations for most of Johannesburg, signifying a substantial shift in the city’s power supply management.

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Starting next week on Monday, City Power will implement rotational power cuts. This change means that some areas, load shed by City Power, follow a two-hour schedule even during stages 5 and higher.

Isaac Mangena, from City Power, stated, “As City Power, we have our processes, systems, and technical capabilities in place to take over the added load shedding operations as part of the new schedule. The revised block and schedules will be available for City Power customers on the 6th of November.”


However, a few areas in Johannesburg will remain under Eskom’s supply due to “technical complications.”

This shift is prompted by City Power’s infrastructure struggling with high-rolling power cuts, often leaving residents in prolonged darkness.

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