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Okae Molao Operation in Douglasdale results in the arrest of 18 Suspects by SAPS



Okae Molao operation in Douglasdale

During the Okae Molao operation in Douglasdale, SAPS successfully apprehended 18 suspects involved in various crimes, including business robbery, fraud, assault, immigration violations, and shoplifting. In a separate development, illegal mining equipment was confiscated in Kyasands, adding to the efforts to curb unlawful activities.

Okae Molao, a nationwide anti-crime initiative implemented by the SAPS, aims to combat criminal activities by increasing police visibility, conducting patrols, and executing intelligence-driven operations. By doing so, the operation seeks to apprehend criminals and prevent the occurrence of illegal acts.

In the specific case of Douglasdale, the police’s relentless efforts resulted in the arrest of individuals engaged in severe offences that directly impacted the community’s safety. Business robbery, fraud, assault, and shoplifting pose significant threats. At the same time, immigration violations contribute to the erosion of law and order.

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Moreover, the seizure of illegal mining equipment in Kyasands underscores law enforcement’s dedication to addressing traditional crimes and environmental and social challenges associated with illegal mining. This illicit practice brings about severe consequences, including environmental degradation, water pollution, and the exploitation of vulnerable workers.


The arrests made during the Okae Molao operation highlight the unwavering commitment of the Douglasdale police to ensuring public safety and reducing crime in the area. They actively enhance community security by taking proactive measures and removing criminals from the streets.

Captain Mpho Tshetlhane, the spokesperson for the Douglasdale police, encourages community members to play an active role in crime prevention. The police have urged them to report any criminal activities promptly by contacting the Douglasdale police at 011 6991300 or 071 675 7158, utilizing the anonymous tip-off feature on the MySAPSApp, or visiting their nearest police station.

The Okae Molao operation in Douglasdale is a powerful testament to the police’s dedication to combatting crime and safeguarding the community. Through apprehending criminals and confiscating illegal equipment, the police are bolstering community safety and sending a resounding message that criminal behaviour will not be tolerated.

Source: 18 suspects arrested in Douglasdale during Okae Molao operation by SAPS

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Picture:  Pixabay / Jörg Husemann

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