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Dobsonville police make 238 arrests in April – Cracking down on crime



Dobsobville Police arrested 238 suspects in April

Dobsonville Police arrested 238 suspects in April, according to the monthly crime report released by the area comprising Bramfischerville, Mofolo North, and greater Dobsonville. The police station’s commitment to crime prevention, sector policing, and collaboration with other enforcement agencies such as the JMPD, Gauteng Traffic Department, and SAPS departments resulted in these arrests.

The arrested individuals face various charges, such as domestic violence, illegal immigration, rape, murder, unlicensed firearms, drunk driving, stolen motor vehicle possession, drug dealing, selling liquor without a permit, and other crimes. The Dobsonville police are set on enforcing the law and bringing these offenders to justice.

Afterwards, some suspects were released on station bail, while others waited for their court dates. Some received convictions for their crimes, highlighting the success of the police’s efforts in combating criminal activities.

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The Dobsonville community can find solace in the fact that their local police station is actively engaged in maintaining law and order. The various law enforcement agencies joining forces shows the authorities’ seriousness in addressing crime.


Residents must report suspicious activities or provide information that may assist in ongoing investigations. The community and law enforcement can create a safer environment for everyone.

As the fight against crime persists, the Dobsonville Police remain dedicated to protecting the community. The recent arrests remind potential criminals that their actions will not go unpunished and the law will be enforced to its fullest extent.

Source: Dobsonville Police arrested 238 suspects in April

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Picture: Pixabay / Jörg Husemann

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