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Opposition parties express displeasure with Joburg mayor Gwamanda’s state of the city address



opposition's not impressed with Gwamanda's speech

The opposition’s not impressed with Gwamanda’s speech. The Johannesburg Mayor delivered his inaugural State of the City Address (SOCA) on Tuesday, emphasising the crucial need for a stable supply of water and electricity and addressing revenue collection and financial management within the city.

However, he faced many interruptions from the opposition parties, who expressed dissatisfaction with his address, as reported by Eyewitness News.

Sthembelo Majola, the regional spokesperson for ActionSA, voiced disappointment, stating that Gwamanda’s speech lacked inspiration and failed to provide practical solutions. Majola remarked, “He touched on major issues without delving into the specific plans to address them. The speech did not outline how he intends to safeguard our residents against severe load shedding.”

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Leah Knott from the Democratic Alliance (DA) described Gwamanda’s speech as nonsensical and vague, lacking precise and concrete statements.


The opposition’s not impressed with Gwamanda’s speech, indicating concerns about the mayor’s ability to tackle the pressing challenges faced by Johannesburg effectively. As discussions and debates continue, the city’s residents eagerly await more comprehensive and actionable strategies from the mayor and his administration to address critical issues and improve Johannesburg’s overall quality of life.

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