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These Joburg streets to be affected by state of the city address



Johannesburg streets

As Johannesburg mayor Kabelo Gwamanda prepares to deliver his maiden State of the City address, motorists should anticipate traffic disruptions on several Johannesburg streets. Gwamanda’s speech, scheduled at the Constance Conny Bapela Council Chamber in Braamfontein, marks an important milestone as he leads Johannesburg, South Africa’s wealthiest metropolitan area, with a substantial budget, as reported by The Citizen.

To ensure smooth traffic flow, the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) announced the deployment of officers starting at 6:30 am to regulate traffic on the affected routes. As a result, motorists should be aware that road closures were implemented at various intersections between 8 am and 10 am, affecting streets such as Civic Boulevard, De Korte Street, Rissik Street, Joubert Street, Hoofd Street, Biccard Street, Melle Street, Sam Hancock Street, Empire Road, Kotze Street, Jorissen Street, Stiemens Street, and Simmonds Street.

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In addition to the closures above, specific intersections, including Stiemens Street and De Beer Street, Stiemens Street and Melle Street, Biccard Street and Stiemens Street, and De Korte Street and Melle Street will also be closed off. Furthermore, Jorrisen Street will be inaccessible to traffic between Bertha Street and Civic Boulevard from 8 am for the parade formation and procession of the motorcade to the Metro Centre. However, staff, guests, and residents seeking to utilise services at the Metro Centre will still receive access.

Given the road closures and subsequent traffic disruptions, the JMPD emphasises the importance of motorists planning their routes accordingly. They urge road users to exercise patience and familiarise themselves with traffic management to ensure a smooth and efficient commuting experience.


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