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Parts of Johannesburg South Will Experience Water Outage



Johannesburg Water -Parts of Johannesburg South to Experience Water Outage

Parts of Johannesburg South will experience water outage. The City of Johannesburg has recently announced a planned 39-hour water outage that will affect some of the southern areas in the city as reported by Eyewitness News. This scheduled shutdown is due to the ongoing work on the tie-in of the newly replaced section of the G20 pipeline to the existing pipeline, which will result in water being shut down from Thursday afternoon until Saturday. The affected areas include Winchester Hills, Gillview, Mondeor, Suiderood, and Glenanda.

Joburg Water has assured residents that they are arranging an alternative water supply for the impacted regions. According to Rand Water’s spokesperson, Makenosi Maroo, they have formally informed the affected municipal customer, which is Johannesburg Water, in this instance, and the necessary arrangements will be made.

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The shutdown will begin on Thursday, 11 May, commencing from 6 pm and lasting until 9 pm on Saturday, 13 May 2023. This temporary halt in the water supply could cause inconvenience and discomfort to the residents of the affected areas. However, the city and the water utility service provider are taking the necessary steps to alleviate the impact by making alternative arrangements for water supply.

Residents of these areas are advised to prepare for the outage and ensure that they have adequate water storage facilities during the planned shutdown. Johannesburg Water has also urged residents to use water sparingly to avoid any further inconvenience. Residents should monitor official communication channels for any updates on the water supply situation during this period.


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