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Persistent Power Outages Plague Germiston Residents




In just one week following the budget speech delivered by Nkululeko Dunga, the MMC of Finance, residents of Germiston found a glimmer of hope as a substantial amount of R277.5 million was allocated to tackle the persistent power supply outages plaguing the area.

These funds have been earmarked for several key initiatives, including the upgrading of substations, implementation of network enhancement programs, provision of bulk services to new development programs, expansion of services to new developments and informal settlements, and the modernisation of the ageing backbone electrical networks, specifically the John Dube and Daggafontein developments.

Unfortunately, the electricity supply situation in Germiston continues to be a cause for concern, with certain areas now grappling with power surges and protracted power outages that occur subsequent to scheduled load-shedding.

The most recent grievances have emanated from residents in Primrose, Fishers’ Hill, Dawnview, Lambton, Albemarle, and Dinwiddie.

In Beaconsfield Street in Primrose, Vanessa Smith recounted how her house remained without electricity even after power was restored following a recent outage. She expressed her frustration, stating that this ongoing issue incurs additional expenses for residents who need to refrigerate their food and medications.


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Smith further criticised the City of Ekurhuleni for its sluggish response to these problems, recounting her experiences with the call centre, where she felt passed around without any meaningful assistance. According to her, the representatives were dismissive and quick to terminate the calls.

Another area grappling with power-related challenges is Twinpen Flats on Violet Street. Maggie Wide, a resident, described the difficulties they face, including frequent power surges leading to multi-day outages.

Wide lamented that such disruptions have become a norm, and the residents’ concerns primarily revolve around the safety of their appliances and the potential damage they may incur. Furthermore, the prolonged power outages leave them vulnerable to criminal activities, as darkness provides cover for illicit operations. Wide also expressed apprehension over the financial burden of repairing or replacing damaged appliances.

She added that whenever contractors fix the electricity, they caution residents about the possibility of subsequent outages due to cable problems or theft.


Lambton and Dinwiddie also experienced power outages that persisted for days, much to the dismay of affected residents. Thabo Dlamini expressed frustration with the recurring power issues, emphasising that they pay for reliable services and expect prompt solutions. Dlamini voiced concerns about the lack of tangible action from the authorities, highlighting that promises without actual results have become the norm.

GCN (Germiston Community News) has been inundated with numerous complaints from residents regarding the frequent power outages and the significant impact on their daily lives.

During his budget speech, Dunga committed to ensuring electrical stability on behalf of the City of Ekurhuleni (CoE). He emphasised the executive’s dedication to working with the administration to secure short-term stability and long-term solutions. Concrete steps and fiscally responsible plans are being devised to guarantee a consistent electricity supply to all residents. Dunga underlined the city’s proactive stance, emphasising that they will not idly stand by while the load-shedding crisis persists.

GCN contacted the CoE to inquire about the estimated timeframes for power restoration, short-term strategies to address the energy crisis during the winter period, and plans for long-term stability. Unfortunately, the city provided no specific answers to these queries, affirming that they are actively addressing the situation.

Zweli Dlamini, the spokesperson for the CoE, acknowledged and took the public’s concerns regarding the power situation in Germiston seriously. He assured the community that the city is formulating immediate, mid-term, and long-term plans to tackle this issue. The details of these plans will be communicated to the public via newspapers in due course.


Source: Germiston residents battle with constant power outages

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