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Ria Sebetsa Warns Property Sellers of Criminals Targeting Properties for Sale



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Ria Sebetsa Security Service advises property sellers to be careful because criminals steal properties for sale, particularly in Midrand.

Danny Maduray, the CEO of Ria Sebetsa Security Service, has exposed the increasing number of crimes against the properties for sale in the area.

These criminals, including females, are looking for properties with a ‘For Sale’ sign on the outside and pretending to be buyers to get inside.

Still, at this point, things start to be dangerous. They get into the property and rob the owners or agents by taking out guns or knives and threatening them, said Maduray.

This criminal act has now become a big issue for the people of Midrand. Therefore, Madurai has asked people to be more careful and extra cautious in the future.


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Lightstone Research proved that Midrand properties experienced a sharp increase in selling prices in 2021. Thus, young buyers have been attracted by this fact.

“Criminals see this as the perfect opportunity to strike, and they’re not letting it go to waste,” said Maduray.

Homeowners should be careful and only accept scheduled viewings by buyers who have been checked by themselves.

Madura also said you should not display a ‘For Sale’ sign on the property because it might attract unwanted attention.


On the other hand, it is better to work with a familiar property sales agency to ensure your security. Moreover, they should keep their premises locked and secured, and the alarm systems should be appropriately connected to the 24/7 control room.

“If you are a resident in the area, do not let these criminals get the best of you. Stay alert, be cautious, and take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your property.”

Source: Ria Sebetsa advises property sellers to take caution on criminals targeting properties up for sale

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Picture: Supplied by Midrand Reporter

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