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Pretoria Mom Sentenced to 20 Years for Murdering Kids: ‘I hanged my two daughters to save them’



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A Pretoria mom, Lehlogonolo Mary Bokaba, has been given 20 years in jail for killing her two daughters, who were two months old and eight years old.

According to IOL, the Pretoria High Court decided on the two 10-year sentences for Bokaba, who confessed to the charges of murder.

Bokaba confessed that she hanged her daughters with a cord as a means to “save them from the consequence of growing up without a mother”.

The dreadful incident happened in May 2022 when Bokaba, who was overwhelmed by her failing relationship, made the horrible decision to take her life and that of her children.

It was a good thing that Bokaba’s plan to commit suicide was not successful, and then her mother-in-law found the bodies of the two children, which led to her.


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Throughout the sentencing trial, the court considered Bokaba’s plea of guilty and the situation that led to the crime.

Advocate Piet Luyt argued that Bokaba’s actions led to the death of two innocent people and also caused psychological disorders in their families.

Even though Bokaba’s crime was terrible, Judge Mashudu Munzhelele understood her emotional distress and knew that she was a first-time offender.

The court stressed the necessity of creating a campaign for women with similar emotional problems and supporting them.


Apart from that, a 48-year-old Limpopo mother was brought to the court for the brutal murder of her 18-year-old wheelchair-bound son.

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