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Chaos erupts in Pretoria West as angry protesters block roads over alleged service delivery failures!



Protestors barricaded Pretoria West roads

Protestors barricaded Pretoria West roads in a service delivery protest early on Wednesday morning. According to Jacaranda FM, residents expressed their frustration with the failure of delivery service for water and electricity. According to TMPD spokesperson Isaac Mahamba, the protestors barricaded the streets with burning tyres and objects.

Mahamba said, “We can confirm that there is a service delivery protest at Van Der Hoff from Ludrick Street towards the Coca-Cola depot. They are barricading that portion of the street with burning tyres and objects.”

The city is in talks with the protestors. The police and traffic officials are on the scene to prevent further trouble. At this stage, no one is injured and no arrests have been made.

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Service delivery protests are a common occurrence in South Africa. Dissatisfaction with inadequate service delivery, especially regarding water and electricity, is a long-standing issue. The city has promised to address the problem and improve service delivery.


The residents of Pretoria West have a right to protest, but their actions mustn’t result in violence or property damage. The police and traffic officials are working to ensure peaceful and controlled protests.

As the situation develops, the city will continue communicating with the protestors and working towards a resolution. However, it is essential that everyone involved acts responsibly and works towards finding a solution to the issue of inadequate service delivery in the area.

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Picture: Facebook / ThembaFosiMMC

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